Ladia Samsung Staron - sofa design by Russian Designer Misha Belyaev

Ladia for Samsung Staron


The Ladia swing-sofa was designed for Karat and Samsung Staron specially for St.Petersburg Design Week 2013. The object is made of Samsung Staron Solid Surface with LED inside.

Photo by Evgeny Aquarelich
Model: Anna Polischuk
Available in Berloni boutiqie, B. Morskaya 20, St.Petersburg, Russia.
See The Ladia by Misha Belyaev on official Samsung Staron Website.


Ladia by Misha was featured on official Samsung Staron Europe calendars and website as a good example of clever design using Staron material. 

Ladia sofa design by Misha Belyaev for Samsung Staron Europe