Fosterlamp (Spheroid/Ogurtsoid) 
Designed specially for Moscow Design Week 2012.

Troy Turner at YankoDesign:

“The Fosterlamp is a tad minimal, a touch space age and plenty mod. Easy functionality, a diminutive size and a frosted glow make it a great task light or nightstand accent. The simple design harkens back to the mid-century era and will fit into many styles of decor. Admittedly, it’s a bit phallic… but overall nice to look at!”

Meghan Young at TrendHunter:

“The Fosterlamp (Spheroid/Ogurtsoid) light is minimally modern and futuristically space age. Its simple silhouette takes on the shape of a long oval. Fixed to a wooden base, it glows ethereally as though Tinkerbell or some other pixie resides inside. Nevertheless, it is the frosted glass that gives the Fosterlamp (Spheroid/Ogurtsoid) light a magical aesthetic.”

Fosterlamp lamp Lighting design by Misha Belyaev designer